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  • Dragonfly Helicopters announces fleet expansion

    Oslo (04.06.2024) - Dragonfly Helicopters is pleased to announce the completion of several new contracts in Q2 2024, comprising one Airbus H145 and four Airbus H125s. In May 2024, Dragonfly Helicopters executed the purchase and leaseback of a pre-owned Airbus H145D2. As part of the transaction, the helicopter will be modified to the new H145D3 version. The aircraft will be utilized for power line maintenance and construction. Dragonfly Helicopters has also signed a Purchase Agreement for a brand-new Airbus H125, which has been placed on a long-term lease for delivery in June, as well as signed the Sale and Purchase Agreement for a portfolio of three pre-owned H125s. Thomas Wellén, the CEO of Dragonfly Helicopters, said, "We're humbled by the trust and support from our financiers and our new customers. This is a significant step forward for Dragonfly, building a portfolio of single and twin-engine helicopters. We're continuing to build the company via selective growth opportunities whilst diversifying lessee and aircraft risk and foresee continued lessee demand in our business space".

  • We are expanding our fleet!

    We are pleased to announce that Dragonfly Helicopters has purchased two new Airbus H125 helicopters. This expansion will give us the opportunity to be able to provide even more tailored and innovative lease solutions for our customers in the future. Furthermore, #Airlift has already entered into a three years leasing agreement for the two H125 helicopters beginning in June and July 2022. The aircrafts were delivered directly from Airbus' factory to our Part 145 at Eggemoen, where we installed some supplementary equipment such as a Donaldson filter and a Garmin GRA 55 Radar Altimeter at the request of the customer. We are grateful for our customer's trust and confidence, and wish Team Airlift many successful flight hours! In terms of the upcoming season, we have H125 Airbus Helicopters' available for delivery and leasing in Europe in quartiles 2 and 3. If you are seeking to renew or extend your fleet, we offer numerous options, including the ability to trade in an older aircraft or to configurate the aircraft after your exact specifications. Contact us for more information about the lease opportunities for next season.

  • Happy flight hours, OY-HZN!

    We delivered Dragonfly Helicopters’ beautiful H125 to Greenland last month. Our Part 145 maintenance team at Eggemoen Airport has prepared the aircraft, and OY-HZN is now ready for new operations for Greenland Copter!

  • Dragonfly Helicopters announces Lease Placement of one Airbus H145 to a major French operator

    Oslo (25.01.24) – Dragonfly Helicopters, a leading aviation company based in Norway is thrilled to announce the long-term Lease Placement of one EMS configured Airbus H145 to a major French Operator. At the end of 2023 Dragonfly completed the Purchase of the EMS configured Airbus H145 from Norwegian Air Ambulance. As part of the transaction, Dragonfly has placed the Helicopter on a five-year operating lease agreement. This agreement marks the beginning of what both companies hopes to be the first of several transactions, as they have now laid the foundation for a robust deal framework. Thomas Wellèn, the CEO of Dragonfly Helicopters, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "we are delighted to welcome this exceptional aircraft into our fleet, further solidifying Dragonfly's position as a leading aviation company in the Nordics. The collaboration with the Operator represents the first step in what we anticipate will be a long and prosperous relationship. The Delivery took place at Eggemoen Airport in Norway, which serves as Østnes Helicopters' maintenance facility. Østnes Aero AS, operating as Østnes Helicopters' Part 145, played a crucial role in the delivery process by conducting pre-purchase inspections and managing all technical documentation. Film: Ola Bråthen Uhlen // Uhlen Production AS For media inquiries, please contact: Thomas Wellèn, CEO of Dragonfly Helicopters at About Dragonfly: Dragonfly is a leading aviation company dedicated to providing top-tier services and solutions to meet the diverse needs of the aviation industry. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Dragonfly continues to set new standards in the field.

  • Dragonfly Helicopters Secures Financing for Four Airbus AS350’s Helicopters in Greenland

    Greenland (15.12.2023) – Norway’s Dragonfly Helicopters is pleased to announce the successful financing of four helicopters to be operated in the pristine landscapes of Greenland. The financing arrangement, facilitated by the Bank of Greenland and arranged by Larus Aviation Limited, marks a significant milestone in the expansion of Dragonfly's fleet. The helicopters will be leased by Dragonfly to operators based in Greenland. This collaborative effort is set to enhance the accessibility and connectivity of remote areas, ensuring that crucial aviation services are efficiently delivered across the vast and challenging terrain of Greenland. Key Parties in the Financing: Bank of Greenland: The Bank of Greenland, renowned for its commitment to supporting economic development in the region, has played a pivotal role in providing the necessary financial backing for this ambitious project. Through their strategic financing, the Bank of Greenland is contributing to the growth of vital sectors in Greenland, aligning with their mission to foster economic prosperity. "We are thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking initiative, providing financial support for the acquisition of these helicopters which will undoubtedly make a positive impact on the transportation infrastructure in Greenland," said Søren Stenberg and Tulliaq Olsen at the Bank of Greenland, adding “the bank has worked diligently on this project for several months, cooperating closely with Dragonfly and Larus Aviation so as to ensure that it successfully delivered on its commitment to support this key transaction.” Larus Aviation Limited, UK: As the arranger of this financing, Larus Aviation has demonstrated its expertise in structuring and facilitating complex aviation transactions. Their commitment to excellence and proficiency in navigating the intricacies of aviation finance has been instrumental in bringing together the various stakeholders and ensuring the success of this endeavour. "Larus Aviation Limited is extremely proud to have played a central role in orchestrating this innovative structured financing arrangement, bringing together the Bank of Greenland and Dragonfly Helicopters for the advancement of aviation capabilities in Greenland," commented David Kelmanson, CEO of Larus Aviation. Dragonfly Helicopters, Norway: Dragonfly, the lessor and borrower in this transaction, is excited to welcome these state-of-the-art helicopters into its fleet. The company remains dedicated to providing top-tier aviation services and is confident that these new additions will significantly contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of operations in Greenland. "Dragonfly Helicopters is excited about the opportunities for the financing of these helicopters and the communities we serve in Greenland. This financing arrangement underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in aviation and demonstrates what successes can be achieved when working with committed and supportive partners" remarked Thomas Wellén, CEO at Dragonfly Helicopters. About Dragonfly Helicopters: Dragonfly Helicopters is a subsidiary of Østnes Helicopters and is a leading Helicopter Leasing company based on Oslo, Norway.

  • HeliAir Iceland and Dragonfly Helicopters: H125 lease agreement

    Dragonfly Helicopters, in line with its expanding business strategy, is pleased to announce the latest addition to its growing fleet. In May we proudly welcomed a brand new H125 helicopter with a comfort layout, delivered straight from Airbus in France to our base at Eggemoen. This exciting acquisition marks a significant milestone for Dragonfly Helicopters. Earlier this month, the newly acquired aircraft made its way from Eggemoen to Iceland. Through a well documented lease agreement, drafted in both parties interest by Larus Aviation’s CEO David Kelmanson who is Dragonfly’s Senior Financial Advisor, HeliAir Iceland will have the privilege of operating this remarkable helicopter for at least three years. Before the delivery to HeliAir Iceland, Østnes Helicopters dedicated Part 145 team at Eggemoen meticulously installed various enhancements, including an engine filter, floats, FM radio, and a radio altimeter. The aircraft has already started to fly, and will be offering captivating sightseeing tours across the breathtaking Icelandic landscapes. Equipped with forward-facing seats and a spacious cabin, passengers can now fully immerse themselves in the beauty of the aerial experience. The comfort layout of the H125 is perfectly suited to fulfill the needs of HeliAir Iceland. Photo: Jon Thor Thorleifsson We extend our heartfelt gratitude to HeliAir Iceland for placing their trust in Dragonfly and Østnes Helicopters and selecting our aircraft for their operations. We are confident that this partnership will lead to countless successful flight hours and unforgettable moments for both the crew and passengers alike.

  • Meet our new Senior Financial Adviser

    Dragonfly Helicopters' ambition over the next five years is to grow their fleet to a considerable market share of the small-to-medium sized helicopter sector. As part of its expansion plans, Dragonfly, the leasing arm of the Østnes Helicopters Group, is delighted to announce the appointment of David Kelmanson, CEO of Larus Aviation Limited, as its Senior Financial Adviser. Larus Aviation Limited, based in the United Kingdom, provides highly cost-effective financial advisory and arrangement services to airline, financier, and manufacturer clients in the aviation industry. Furthermore, this commitment by Dragonfly is the next step in attracting future partnerships, in addition to the existing synergies created by the Østnes Group’s "One Stop Shop" capabilities, which encompass procurement, sales, trading, leasing, maintenance, spare parts, remarketing, and general asset management to the helicopter industry. According to Thomas Wellén, CEO of Dragonfly AS, “the current helicopter market offers a number of exciting growth opportunities. David’s 35+ years’ experience in the aviation sector, most notably in the structured finance arena, will bring added value to us in terms of our business development and asset financing initiatives and we are excited by his addition to our team.” Kelmanson, who will support Dragonfly in a consultancy capacity, has prior experience of the Nordic aviation market, having previously advised a number of Nordic airline clients, including Flyr, Icelandair and Norwegian Air Shuttle, in their fleet acquisition and financing programmes. “With a degree of stability returning to the asset financing markets post-pandemic, there are encouraging signs of increasing financier appetite for the aviation sector. I am delighted to be supporting Dragonfly in their strategic helicopter financing efforts at this exciting stage of their development and am looking forward to assuming this new advisory role,” adds Kelmanson. We would like to welcome David onboard!

  • Greenland Copter in operation

    It is always thrilling to receive photographs of our customers' operations! Last week, we received these stunning photographs of OY-HZO in operation from one of Greenland Copter's pilots, Samuel Muller. The aircraft is operated by Greenland Copter on the east coast of Greenland, and the photographs capture some of the numerous operations the company has completed in the last few months. We cannot wait to follow Greenland Copter's projects over the next three years and see the amount of activity that takes place in this stunning scenery between 82 and 84 degrees north. Photograph: Samuel Muller The aircraft in the photographs is one of the two H125 (2020) model that has been leased from Dragonfly Helicopters and operated in Greenland since May 2022.

  • Purchase and Lease of a EC120Colibri Helicopter

    Dragonfly has completed the purchase of an EC120 Colibri Helicopter and entered into an Operating Lease agreement with a Swedish operator for the Lease of this Helicopter. The Helicopter will be financed with external debt. Dragonfly, as a Nordic Helicopter Lessor, is focusing on expanding its helicopter leasing activities in the Nordics, and this is another important step towards our ambitions. We wish the new lessee many successful flight hours!

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