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We are expanding our fleet!

Updated: Jan 25

We are pleased to announce that Dragonfly Helicopters has purchased two new Airbus H125 helicopters. This expansion will give us the opportunity to be able to provide even more tailored and innovative lease solutions for our customers in the future.

Furthermore, #Airlift has already entered into a three years leasing agreement for the two H125 helicopters beginning in June and July 2022. The aircrafts were delivered directly from Airbus' factory to our Part 145 at Eggemoen, where we installed some supplementary equipment such as a Donaldson filter and a Garmin GRA 55 Radar Altimeter at the request of the customer. We are grateful for our customer's trust and confidence, and wish Team Airlift many successful flight hours!

In terms of the upcoming season, we have H125 Airbus Helicopters' available for delivery and leasing in Europe in quartiles 2 and 3. If you are seeking to renew or extend your fleet, we offer numerous options, including the ability to trade in an older aircraft or to configurate the aircraft after your exact specifications. Contact us for more information about the lease opportunities for next season.



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