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Dragonfly Helicopters Secures Financing for Four Airbus AS350’s Helicopters in Greenland

Greenland (15.12.2023) – Norway’s Dragonfly Helicopters is pleased to announce the successful financing of four helicopters to be operated in the pristine landscapes of Greenland. The financing arrangement, facilitated by the Bank of Greenland and arranged by Larus Aviation Limited, marks a significant milestone in the expansion of Dragonfly's fleet.

The helicopters will be leased by Dragonfly to operators based in Greenland. This collaborative effort is set to enhance the accessibility and connectivity of remote areas, ensuring that crucial aviation services are efficiently delivered across the vast and challenging terrain of Greenland.


Key Parties in the Financing:

Bank of Greenland: The Bank of Greenland, renowned for its commitment to supporting economic development in the region, has played a pivotal role in providing the necessary financial backing for this ambitious project. Through their strategic financing, the Bank of Greenland is contributing to the growth of vital sectors in Greenland, aligning with their mission to foster economic prosperity.

"We are thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking initiative, providing financial support for the acquisition of these helicopters which will undoubtedly make a positive impact on the transportation infrastructure in Greenland," said Søren Stenberg and Tulliaq Olsen at the Bank of Greenland, adding “the bank has worked diligently on this project for several months, cooperating closely with Dragonfly and Larus Aviation so as to ensure that it successfully delivered on its commitment to support this key transaction.”

Larus Aviation Limited, UK: As the arranger of this financing, Larus Aviation has demonstrated its expertise in structuring and facilitating complex aviation transactions. Their commitment to excellence and proficiency in navigating the intricacies of aviation finance has been instrumental in bringing together the various stakeholders and ensuring the success of this endeavour.

"Larus Aviation Limited is extremely proud to have played a central role in orchestrating this innovative structured financing arrangement, bringing together the Bank of Greenland and Dragonfly Helicopters for the advancement of aviation capabilities in Greenland," commented David Kelmanson, CEO of Larus Aviation.

Dragonfly Helicopters, Norway: Dragonfly, the lessor and borrower in this transaction, is excited to welcome these state-of-the-art helicopters into its fleet. The company remains dedicated to providing top-tier aviation services and is confident that these new additions will significantly contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of operations in Greenland.

"Dragonfly Helicopters is excited about the opportunities for the financing of these helicopters and the communities we serve in Greenland. This financing arrangement underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in aviation and demonstrates what successes can be achieved when working with committed and supportive partners" remarked Thomas Wellén, CEO at Dragonfly Helicopters.

About Dragonfly Helicopters: Dragonfly Helicopters is a subsidiary of Østnes Helicopters and is a leading Helicopter Leasing company based on Oslo, Norway.

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