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Dragonfly Helicopters announces fleet expansion

Oslo (04.06.2024) - Dragonfly Helicopters is pleased to announce the completion of several new contracts in Q2 2024, comprising one Airbus H145 and four Airbus H125s.

H145 on lease from Dragonfly Helicopters

In May 2024, Dragonfly Helicopters executed the purchase and leaseback of a pre-owned Airbus H145D2. As part of the transaction, the helicopter will be modified to the new H145D3 version. The aircraft will be utilized for power line maintenance and construction.

Dragonfly Helicopters has also signed a Purchase Agreement for a brand-new Airbus H125, which has been placed on a long-term lease for delivery in June, as well as signed the Sale and Purchase Agreement for a portfolio of three pre-owned H125s.

Thomas Wellén, the CEO of Dragonfly Helicopters, said, "We're humbled by the trust and support from our financiers and our new customers. This is a significant step forward for Dragonfly, building a portfolio of single and twin-engine helicopters. We're continuing to build the company via selective growth opportunities whilst diversifying lessee and aircraft risk and foresee continued lessee demand in our business space".

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