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Leasing and Trading

Our primary focus is leasing and trading of Helicopters.

We offer tailored and innovative solutions to our customers within a wide range of services, such as; 


  • Operating Lease of brand new Aircraft delivered  from manufacturer

  • Sale-and Leaseback for the financing of new helicopters ordered by the Lessee's 

  • Sale-and Leaseback for the refinancing of used helicopters, of which Dragonfly buys used helicopters from the operator and leases it back on and operating lease basis

  • Trading of lessee's older helicopters. When operators renew their fleet by replacing older helicopters with new helicopters, Dragonfly will be able to offer a full scale solution

  • Dragonfly can offer linked benefits such asset management and maintenance at competitive rates via sister companies or established business partners (“one-stop shop”).


Benefits from Leasing

Improves liquidity and working capital

Operating Lease require significantly less initial cash investment  from lessee.

With improved liquidity, operators will increase its ability to invest capital  in other aspects of the business and not tie up their cash position in the equipment.

Optimize the fleet planning

An operating lease will expire before the end of the life of the helicopter. The lessee will always replace its old lease with new lease of which enables its average fleet age to be competitive  low of which again will give the lessee access to the newest technology 


Lease term can be tailored to meet lessee’s operating requirements and the equipment can be returned to Dragonfly at lease expiry.

Elimination of technological obsolescence of the equipment because Dragonfly assumes the residual value risk in the asset at lease expiry.

Focus on cost control

Lessee’s operating lease rentals and operating cost will be known from the day lessee and lessor enters into the Lease Agreement. 


Rentals will typically be fully tax deductible whereas only the interest portion of loan repayments would be eligible for tax deductions.

More accurate maintenance projections compared to old equipment


We're always interested in discussing business opportunities

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